Valguero known bugs

posted 30.07.19 16:20 by devnode In-Game

Valguero known bugs



If Wyvern or their eggs uploaded to Valguero, everything works fine, the egg is uploaded - but if you try to download it on another server in the cluster, you realize that the egg no longer appears in the Trasferinventar. This is similar to what happens if you have modified objects and then want to transfer it to a server that does not have this mod content.

We hope for patches soon. Until then, it probably means "careful with the transfer of Wyvern and Golems !!!".

IceWyvern (and Eggs) disappear ..

if they are collected on Valguero and you want to leave the server with the eggs, everything works so far. The egg is uploaded - but if you try to download it again on another server in the cluster, the egg will no longer appear in the Trasferin inventory.

Grayed out in transfer inventory

The same applies to the ready-made IceWyvern - so it's better not to start high.

Cryopods ("can not deploy")

Valguero Ice Wyvern can not be "deployed" to other servers in the cluster.

Lime / Ice Golems

If you pack lime and / or ice golems in Cryopods, they should not leave the server for the time being. Apparently, wildcard does not contain unintentional bugs that make the Cryopod GAR unusable. As soon as you leave the Valguero server with Valguero Wyvern / Golems and spawn the character on a non-valguero map, the Dinos in the Cryopods are beyond saving !!!

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