S+ Changelog

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S+ Changelog

Structures Plus bekommt nun doch noch updates..


The developer "OrionSun" has now further developed his mod "StructuresPlus".

There are some adjustments in which we currently read ourselves.

The fact is that there are more bugfixes but it may take a while yet.

Update: 5. Juli um 7:45 Uhr

- Fixed Stone Wall collision issue

Update: 5. Juli um 3:49 Uhr

- Fixed issue with S+ Cooking Pot not crafting custom recipes
- S+ Industrial Cooking Pot & S+ Tek Cooking Pot can now create & craft custom recipes
- Replaced S+ assets with Homestead assets (reduced mod file size & improves client performance)
- Cryopods can no longer be made into blueprints via the Blueprint Maker (if using the config that allows weapon & item bps to be created)
- Nanny will no longer feed honey to babies
- Nanny will now simply move a set number of food items to babies (this value can be changed via the Nanny's ingame radial menu) that have no food in their inventory & have a food value under the feeding threshold (NannyFeedingStartThreshold)
(note: will only move 1 wyvern milk at a time regardless of settings)
- Removed PreventDinoStasisWhileNannyFeeding config option
- Nanny will now continue imprinting for an additional interval (to fully imprint dino's that mature between)
- Removed placement proximity check from Hitching Posts (ie can place them however close you want)
- Hitched dinos can no longer be picked up or carried by a dino
- Cleaned up how ramps & roofs snap to large & XL walls
- Fixed issue with female Mannequin not equipping gloves
- Renamed S+ items that have Homestead versions
(note: existing S+ items will have been converted to Homestead items, this doesn't not affect structures placed in the world)
- Converter can now convert Homestead items to their S+ counterpart (does not convert from S+ to Homestead)
- Converter now checks crafting cost overrides when comparing whether a conversion is allowed (ie if you want to make the Homestead Dedicated Storage convertible to the S+, then you need to make their crafting costs match by changing one via config)
- Converter is now more descriptive when a conversion fails

Changed Item Names:










Update: 28. Juni um 21:37 Uhr

- Fixed issue with certain items from stack mods not pulling correctly (ie organic & normal polymer, achatina/cementing paste, etc)
- Fixed issue with crop plots not snapping correctly to ceilings with internal pipes/wires
- Fixed issue with Industrial Cooking Pot not snapping to some pipes (existing industrial cooking pots will have sunk down a little, this can be fixed by picking up and re-placing)
- Fixed issue with Transfer Tool not filling the last available stack when transferring items
- Nanny feeding buff will now remove itself from fully grown dinos
- Optimized how the Nanny removes food from its inventory
- Nanny feeding buff will no longer prevent the fed dino from going into stasis
- New Config Option: PreventDinoStasisWhileNannyFeeding (if true, the Nanny's feeding buff will not allow the fed dino to go into stasis)
- Optimized how the Gardener collects from crop plots

Nanny change details - Stand: 28.Juni

Since there is some confusion on how the Nanny now works, I wanted to give some more details so that any bug reports can be more focused.

When the Nanny checks for nearby dinos to feed(NannyIntervalInSeconds), if she finds a dino with a food value below the threshold for feeding(NannyFeedingStartThreshold) then she will calculate how much food it would take to fill them to their max food amount(max food value - current food value). She then removes this much food from her inventory and applies a buff with that much food value to it. The dino's hunger is then subtracted from the buffs food value until it is depleted.

For example, if a baby dino has a max food value of 500 and it currently has 50 food, the Nanny will apply a buff with a approx. 450 food value while removing 450 food value of food from her inventory. The exact value is dependent on the type and quantity of food in her inventory(if this was a meat eater and you had raw meat in the inventory, each raw meat is worth 40 food so it would consume 11 raw meat to create a buff with 440 food value).

Notable differences between this and the old way:

1.) The dino is no longer at risk of starving while it has the buff and is much less susceptible to dying in the interval between the Nanny's check for nearby dinos.

2.) Instead of going through a ton of calculations and inventory queries on every dino check, it only has to check once and then applies the buff. This means the Nanny will have less impact on a server's resources.

3.) The buff will continue to last until its food value is depleted which will hopefully cover its transition to a feeding trough more cleanly as its unlikely the buff will deplete at the same time it matures enough for the Nanny to stop feeding it(the Nanny will also feed dinos a little passed the baby/juvenile maturation percent to help combat loses to feeding trough transition).

4.) Large quantities of food are used at once instead of 1 at a time, for some dinos with large food values this might mean many stacks are used.



- Walls snapped to walls will not be level with walls snapped to ceilings.

- You need to select an item in a remote inventory before you can open the pull resource menu (this is due to a bug with the ARK dev kit)

- Homestead structures are converted to their S+ counterpart when the server restarts. All S+ servers should set AllowIntegratedSPlusStructures=False in their config (see this discussion for more details)


1.) ALL YOUR STRUCTURES DISAPPEARED - your update was not successful. This is NOT an issue with this mod, its an issue with the mod update system. (Your server/single player game will have numerous backup files for you to restore to after you correctly update the mod)

2.) YOU CAN'T PLACE STRUCTURES - there is an issue with a mod that is being loaded before S+. S+ does NOT require any specific load order but if a mod that is loaded before it, updates incorrectly it can cause issues for mods that load after it. Move S+ up your load order to determine which mod is causing the issue.

3.) YOU CAN'T LEARN AN ENGRAM - you use a mod that remaps the vanilla item (ie EC), you need to remove the engram prerequisites by adding an engram override to your game.ini file.

4.) CAN'T PLACE STRUCTURE/OBSTRUCTED - no collision was removed from the mod. You can enable it by editting your game.ini(server) or simply checking the option on load singleplayer game menu(left side, very bottom). See this discussion for more info.

5.) THE MOD ISN'T LOADING - delete it from your server and re-install it. This will fix so many issues its ridiculous. Sometimes the mod files get messed up after ARK updates or other mod updates and the quickest way to fix these is to simply delete the files and re-install them. The best way to do this on a server is to FTP in and manually delete the mod folder and .mod file and then copy the new mod files over from a successfully updated singleplayer game. Relying on auto updaters or host installers can be problematic and should only be used by the nearly computer illiterate (not an insult to those who are but seriously its 2018).

6.) A CONFIG SETTING ISN'T WORKING - You didn't edit the correct file or you did it while your server/ASM was open and the setting wasn't saved correctly. 

7.) YOU HAVE A NITRADO SERVER & EXPERIENCE A CRASH - If you do not see a ton of other posts about crashes, then you are crashing because they have cached a corrupted copy of the mod and are distributing that to you. You will have to manually copy the mod files from your local computer to your server.

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