Happy Eastern!

posted 21.04.19 14:33 by devnode In-Game

Happy Eastern!


The Easter event is activated
Eggcellent Adventure 4 (2019) has been brought live with the patch of the current version 295.102.

There are some new items and skins coming with the event. As usual you can find "Wild Bunny Oviraptors" and "Wild Bunny Dodos" in the further ARK maps (only Primitive Plus is excluded from the event). A look into your cooking pot will be worthwhile.

How exactly the mechanics work can be roughly taken from the changelog.

Happy Taming, Happy Easter and have fun the /dev/node Team!

How does it work?


Eggcellent Adventure 4 (2019)!
- Auto Activates 4/16-4/30
- Not supported in Primitive Plus mode
- Wild Bunny Oviraptors
            - 50% of wild Oviraptors (33% of wild Aberrant Dodos on Aberration) are Bunny Oviraptors
            - Cannot be tamed
            - NEW! Drop Easter Candy as they spread Easter joy!
            - Feed your candy to your tame for a fun festive effect!
- Wild Bunny Dodos
50% of wild Dodos (33% of wild Aberrant Dodos on Aberration) are Bunny Dodos
            - Cannot be tamed
            - Drop Easter Eggs as they spread Easter joy!
- Easter Eggs
            - Can be placed in the world and painted
- Easter Skins
            - Craftable in the Cooking Pot from Easter Eggs
            - Bunny Ears Skin
            - Procoptodon Bunny Costume
            - NEW! Marshmallow Dodo Hat
            - NEW! Chocolate Bunny Club
* Egg Shell Hat
            - Chick Hat
- Wild creatures have a chance to spawn with additional colors: Green, Magenta, Yellow, and Blue

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