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ARK Changelog

ARK Changelog

Current Version: 298.3

ARK: Survival Evolved hat ein Update bekommen. Wenn Ihr einen genaueren Einblick in die aktuellsten und letzten Änderungen von ARK haben möchtet, seid ihr hier richtig.

Nachfolgend findet ihr den offiziellen ARK Changelog, der auch in den Steam-Foren geposted wird.

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Valguero known bugs


If Wyvern or their eggs uploaded to Valguero, everything works fine, the egg is uploaded - but if you try to download it on another server in the cluster, you realize that the egg no longer appears in the Trasferinventar. This is similar to what happens if you have modified objects and then want to transfer it to a server that does not have this mod content.

We hope for patches soon. Until then, it probably means "careful with the transfer of Wyvern and Golems !!!".

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Arat Prime?!

9days 2hours 45minuten left... and then? There is a new Timer on the ARK Website. A possible "Arat Prime"-DLC?

Official SurviveTheARK Link:

29.07.19 11:41 von devnode

Ragnarok + Extinction Wipe

Due to old and above all erroneous savegames which demand RAM fluctuations of up to 40GB, we unfortunately have to wipe Ragnarok and Extinction.

28.07.19 22:13 von devnode

Valguero Transfer Open

Transfer Opening TONIGHT (28.07.2019 - 11:00pm GMT+1)

We decided the waiting time shall be over now - Valguero transfer is now available!
Furthermore we enabled all character/item/dino transfer for all servers within the EU Cluster.

Have fun!

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Mod Update

S+ Changelog

Structures Plus bekommt nun doch noch updates..

The developer "OrionSun" has now further developed his mod "StructuresPlus".

There are some adjustments in which we currently read ourselves.

The fact is that there are more bugfixes but it may take a while yet.

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SummerBash Event

Das offizielle "SummerBashEvent" läuft aktuell Clusterweit. Wie lange es läuft entscheidet das Adminteam, aber vorerst mindestens bis zum 16. Juli.

Wie immer findet ihr die Informationen im Changelog oder nachfolgend..

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Valguero is live

ARK Expansion Map

Recently, a new map has been announced which will be available as a free extension "Valguero".

Explore new heights and hidden depths. Whether you are laying your groundwork in the White Cliffs or discovering the secrets of the Aberration Trench, Valguero offers a new experience in the ARK universe. With new biomes, challenging dungeon bosses and mysterious ruins, there is always something exciting and dangerous on Valguero. At more than 60 kilometers, you will find everything from lush jungle to environmental hazards, snow fields, lava flows and savannahs to hot springs.

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Powersupply smoked

Unfortunately, one of our root servers was unreachable for about an hour today.

Our hoster reacted immediately. According to information, a neighbor server has triggered the backup. It was apparently the power supply damaged so that it was replaced by the support and the server could now be put back into operation.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

01.05.19 22:24 von devnode

Extension until 10.05.2019

We decided to let the Easter event run a bit longer.

Until 10th of mai 2019 you still have the opportunity to find easter eggs and get some skins crafted in the cooking pot!

Have fun!

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